get lifted

The choice embrace your life has to begin with you. As cliche as that sounds it really is the truth. Although the desire to shape your external appearance will always have it’s place in putting your best self forward, it takes more than a well fit pair of jeans to feel truly fulfilled. Given that it takes more than looking good to feel good, I aim to empower every individual by building their inner beauty while sculpting their outer.

My coaching is geared toward helping each person discover the best suited system for their personal nutrition and physical training that brings out the best in them. I do this by creating a relationship where I help individuals create their building blocks to personal success, so they are able to make positive decisions for themselves. From here, they are responsible for facilitating those choices and are in turn empowered by them. I see myself as the wind in their sail, although they are the ones driving the boat and ultimately getting themselves to their chosen destination. 

Obviously, the intended physical changes will be attained, however the mental transformation is the true prize as this emotive “lift” is far reaching into every facet of your world. Family, health, business and spiritual growth are all beneficiaries of this energy flow and empowerment. You will have more energy, more confidence, more conviction and integrity in the way you live your life and for that you will be recognized for the dynamic individual that was there all along.  I am here to help people; to be their mental, physical and spiritual soundboard. To help people find what lifts them up, to teach them how to stay lifted.